Tea Shop Dreams

Mai dreamed of opening a tea shop where she could talk with people about Jesus as she served them.

Her city in Asia has very few Christians, and it’s risky to preach about Jesus Christ. However, Mai was committed to making disciples, and believed her tea shop dream would serve that purpose.

God honored her desire and connected her with Jun, a successful Christian businessman who’d been trained in small business development by Global Disciples. With Jun’s help, Mai developed a business plan, applying the principles learned from the training. She also located her tea shop next to Jun’s business—a music store.

As people shopped at the music store, the relaxed atmosphere of Mai’s tea shop drew them in. She enjoyed every opportunity she had to strike up conversations and share the love of Jesus with people who otherwise might never hear it.

It wasn’t easy. At one point, a fire broke out in Jun’s music store where Mai stored all her cash reserves for the business. While the loss was hard on her friend, Mai was relieved when she found her money—in the only corner left unburned!

Thanks to Mai’s business and her gentle witness, many have heard the Good News of Jesus, and trusted Him for salvation. She now serves as a cell leader for several small house churches, and trains others to lead new small groups as people come to Christ and the church grows.

Mai also trains others to use Global Disciples small business principles so other followers of Jesus can begin the life-changing conversations that will introduce Him to those still waiting to know Him.

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