Change the world through 1 Day

What is Go Global 1 Day?

Go Global 1Day is a campaign to mobilize the North American Church toward the world’s least- reached.

You’re invited to join this collective movement of global disciples in our annual Go Global 1Day campaign. It’s a simple idea, with a powerful impact: A gift equal to one day’s salary—or the proceeds from a Go Global 1Day fundraising event—can make a remarkable impact in multiplying disciples and planting churches in least-reached areas around the world.

We’ll give you the tools to GO make disciples, as you PRAYSHARE – and GIVE generously.

What is a one-day campaign?

One-day giving campaigns help organizations rally new and existing supporters to increase awareness, participation and donations for a cause.  The specific deadlines associated with one-day giving campaigns motivate supporters to help reach a targeted goal.

You share our vision that every person should have an opportunity to choose and follow Jesus Christ. We believe this is best accomplished by empowering local churches around the world to go share the Gospel, make disciples and plant churches among their least-reached neighbors.