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Gather & Celebrate with your friends at our celebration event. Details

Give a 1-time or monthly gift so that the least-reached may hear the Gospel ’til the whole world knows! Details

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Why give? 

Jesus gave generously. And when we give, we echo His great generosity. In Matthew 6:20, Jesus encourages us to stockpile treasure in heaven. With GoGlobal 1Day, you have an opportunity to make an investment that multiplies—bringing joy to your life, around the globe and in heaven.  

Two small bags of salt. When a group of churches in Nepal were praying for and planning their first discipleship-mission training, their resources were extremely limited. One woman, excited about the potential for training, brought her small but sacrificial gift of salt. She had nothing else to give. However, her gift encouraged the rest of the fellowship and soon they had everything they needed to begin the training.

One day, a pastor from another group of churches showed up—with chickens. His church was excited to hear of the training and wanted to help. The chickens were their contribution.

This same pastor, on seeing the results of the training, sent his own son to the program the following year! And when they realized it was possible to do training with local support, they launched their own discipleship-mission training program.

Mighty things do grow out of small beginnings. Thanks to these and other simple gifts, one hundred programs are now training disciple-makers in Nepal to go out to the towns and villages where Jesus is not yet known!

God loves to use small things to do a great work anywhere and through anyone.

Gather & Celebrate with your friends at our celebration events

Come on out and bring the whole family as we celebrate GoGlobal 1Day at WJTL’s Junction Center on Friday, September 6, 2019.  Grab your evening’s passport and travel from station to station learning more about the people and countries you’re reaching with your GoGlobal dollars. Sample food from around the globe, learn about customs, hear stories, and then join us for music, drama, and other events.

Doors open at 5 pm.

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09/07/2018 05:00 PM
09/07/2018 08:30 PM
Go Global 1 Day Event
Come on out and bring the kids as we celebrate GoGlobal 1Day at WJTL’s Junction Center.  Grab your evening’s passport and travel from station to station learning more about the people and countries you’re reaching with your GoGlobal dollars. Enjoy food tastings from around the globe, learn the customs, hear the stories, and then join us in the round for a performance with our friends from Piercing Word at 6 pm or 7 pm.  
The Junction Center 1875 Junction Rd, Manheim, PA 17545


Corporate, Church & Team Partnerships

Go Global 1Day is a simple idea, with a powerful impact: the idea that a gift equal to one day’s salary—or the proceeds from a Go Global 1Day fundraising event—can make an impact that multiplies disciples and plants churches among least-reached people around the world. 

As a Go Global 1Day sponsor, you will mobilize churches in the world’s most unreached places, to train their people to go make disciples among their near-culture and unreached neighbors. 

Visit our Corporate Sponsorship Form or our Individual, Church & Corporate Resources page.


Give a 1-time or recurring monthly gift so that the least-reached may hear the Gospel ’til the whole world knows!

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