Go Global FAQ’s


One-day giving campaigns help organizations rally new and existing supporters to increase awareness, participation, and donations for a cause. The specific deadlines associated with one-day giving campaigns motivate supporters to help you reach a targeted goal.



Our goals are to increase awareness of Global Disciples and our cause to reach the least-reached, while drawing new people to Global. We will provide our advocates with tools to multiply their impact in fundraising. We have set a financial goal to raise $50,000 through this 2019 campaign year.



Our campaign will launch on July 1, 2019, and continue through September 30, 2019. We will celebrate with a special giving day on September 6, 2019. 



The task of reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ is huge, and the number of traditional mission workers and resources are limited. We know by experience that a significant advantage to our model or approach is how quickly it can multiply workers and produce fellowships of believers which reproduce themselves in planting new churches.

By the numbers, your investment in the equipping of a single director leads to 75 lives changed for Christ, and 3 new church fellowships planted each year. Now that’s multiplication!


Is September 6 the only day we can fundraise or make a donation?

You can make a gift at any time! You don’t have to wait until September 6. The site will be active July 1-September 30, 2019. Just find the date or window of time that works best for you or your team.


Can you help us stay connected with Global Disciples in least-reached countries year-round?

We sure can! We are committed to giving you tools to continue the conversation, and focus your passion and prayer for the least-reached. When you join the GoGlobal movement, we’ll forward monthly FIRST FRIDAY emails or texts to inspire your tribe to pray for the least-reached throughout the year.


How can we engage middle and high school groups?

We’re intentional in focusing on “back to school” time for our event. Consider hosting a gathering to inspire the kids right at the top of the school year, and let GoGlobal be your rallying cry to GO MAKE DISCIPLES…in their schools…and around the world. If your students have just returned from a summer mission trip, consider using GoGlobal as a way to continue connecting their hearts for reaching the lost around the world.


What is the suggested donation to GoGlobal campaign?

We ask our supporters to consider donating the equivalent of one day’s salary, but every donation counts. Do you know that American Christians currently give only $1 for every $100,000 they earn to the cause of the least-reached? We encourage you to consider a donation that’s meaningful to you and perhaps stretches you and your faith.

You might also consider pacing your giving by setting up a monthly donation pledge, giving 1/12th of your single day’s salary on the First Friday of each month to GoGlobal.


Can we create our own event to celebrate GoGlobal?

Absolutely! If you have a band of movement-makers in your community, consider hosting a pop-up party. Celebrate with your friends at a coffee shop, retail location or a small group gathering in your home or church. Use our social media tools to reach your community, and set up a fundraising page to collect donations before, during and after your event.