Become a Fundraiser Today!

Step 1: Become a fundraiser

  1. Click the “Become a Fundraiser” button
  2. Fill in your information and submit
  3. Click “Personalize my Page”

Step 2: Personalize your page.

  1. Upload a picture of yourself
  2. Set your personal fundraising goal
  3. Personalize your message
  4. Click “Save” to go to your page or “Join or Create a Team” if you are part of a team

Step 3: Share your page.

  1. Share your page with your network by clicking on the Facebook, Twitter or Email icons to automatically create a message with a link to your fundraiser page

Step 4: Revise your page.

  1. Save the confirmation email for the link to edit or update your page
  2. It also includes your personal URL, social share buttons, and keyword and shortcode for sharing