First Friday Global Day of Prayer

Each month, teams connected to Global Disciples gather around the world for our First Friday Global Day of Prayer. During this time, we pray for the least-reached, as well as specific needs within each region where Global Disciples is currently serving. Engaging intercessors in First Friday is one way we focus on making prayer a foundational priority of Global Disciples.

Thank you for praying!

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August 2018 Prayer Update


Mexico spans 2,000 miles with three mountain ranges and coasts on the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. It includes eleven different climate zones and some of the world’s most diverse weather patterns. Ancient Mesoamerican civilizations included the Maya and the Aztec, before Spanish conquistadors arrived. Independence was won from Spain in 1821, followed by wars and revolutions into the 20thCentury. Modern Mexico is an emerging economic and global power. The country sees its national identity as a synthesis of indigenous and European cultures. Catholicism, often blended with traditional practices, is the primary religion, and while the majority of the large population with 314 different people groups would consider themselves “Christian,” only 2% practice evangelical Christianity.


  • Pray for those church clusters and programs who are focused on reaching some of Mexico’s many isolated pockets or regions where there is no witness to Christ.
  • Pray for the new Global Disciples Mexico Foundation, which is laying groundwork to provide resources for sustainable growth within the country.
  • Pray for our two Facilitators in this region. Ask God to protect and guide them in their conversations and ministry.
  • Pray for the 15 active discipleship-mission training programs and 10 active leadership development programs. Ask God to continue using these programs to expand His Kingdom.
  • The first small business development directors training in Mexico was held last year in 201 Ask God to continue to draw those to Global Disciples who would faithfully produce small businesses to sustain His work.

*Last month, we requested prayer for recent converts to faith in Indonesia who were in danger and being protected by our foundation there. We are happy to report that one of these converts was transferred to another island where he is safe and currently going through a Global Disciples GDT Directors Training! Praise God for His faithfulness!

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July 2018 Prayer Update


Indonesia is the world’s largest island nation, with more than 13,000 islands between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The country ranks fourth in the world in population, and the most populous Muslim country. Indonesia is home to 763 people groups, with 37.75% still considered unreached with the Gospel. Over 700 languages are spoken among these diverse people groups scattered from the urban megacity of Jakarta to eastern tribes relatively untouched by modern life. The constitution allows religious freedom; about 80% of the population is Muslim, predominately Sunni.


  • Pray for those who attended a recent Directors Training in Indonesia, which ended on July 3rd. Ask that these newly trained leaders will have wisdom and boldness as they travel back to their home churches to start training programs.
  • Pray for the Global Disciples Indonesia Foundation as they work to support efforts to increase the slow and scattered growth of church partnerships in this nation. Also, pray for the Foundation as they help to protect recent new believers from death threats and persecution.
  • Pray for our three Facilitators working within this nation. Ask that the Lord would guide their interactions as they use contextualized evangelism to spread the Gospel among radical Muslims. Pray for relationships that allow open doors of conversation and acceptance. Pray for protection over their homes and families.

June 2018 Prayer Update


Eleven countries make up the North Africa region, including: Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. Within this region of more than 270 million people, 643 people groups exist and 76.05% are considered “unreached” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Islam dominates North Africa, with 92% of all people living in this region being Muslim.


  • Pray for God to break the strongholds of false religion and persecution of Christians in North Africa. Ask that the Holy Spirit would reveal Himself to those who are lost.
  • Pray for opportunities to offer Global Disciples training for those with access and a passion to reach North Africa. Pray that the leaders who are trained would have wisdom as they multiply the work for God’s Kingdom among least-reached people.
  • Pray for discernment and sensitivity as we adapt training materials for hidden disciples who will train others in high-risk settings.
  • Pray for the key leaders in North Africa who work in partnership with Global Disciples. Pray for protection over their homes and families. Ask that God would open doors of favor and give them the ability to build key relationships as they serve in this region.

*Due to confidentiality and security concerns please do not share this page on social media. The best way to share with your friends is to invite them to visit  and signup for our Text or E-Mail prayer updates.